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10 Apr

Coming Soon! New Traxxas Accessories for LaTrax Alias

As some of you may know, Traxxas is one of the best radio control manufacturers and is based in Texas. Traxxas offers electric and nitro powered cars, boats, trucks, and aircraft.  Traxxas is a trusted name in the RC industry, and RC slot carries many of their products.

Coming very soon to RC Slot, LaTrax, a company powered by Traxxas, will be releasing a camera and LED light bar for their Alias Quadcopter. These are exciting products and I want to give you a heads up on what to expect from these new arrivals.


Add crisp high-quality, full color aerial photography and video capability to Alias with the new LaTrax 720p camera. After quick installation, Alias recognizes the camera and automatically configures the transmitter controls. The camera conveniently saves photos and videos to a removable micro SD card (sold separately.) Install the optional 120 degree wide-angle lens to increase the field of view.

Features of the camera include:

  •  720p HD video
  • 12 MP still photos
  • Full color video and still images
  • Installs quickly
  • Articulating lens
  • Integrated design
  • Take photos and start/stop video recording from the transmitter
  • Transmitter LCD shows status
  • Uses Micro SC card (sold separately)
  • Optional 120 degree wide-angle lens


LED Light Bar

The LED light bar allows you to take night flying to the next level. Alias auto -detects the LED light bar, and it can be turned on or off from the transmitter. The adjustable position light bar offers a variety of angles for maximum visibility from the seven LED lights.

Features of the LED light bar include:

  • 7 high-intensity, ultra-bright LEDs
  • Installs in seconds
  • 0-90 degree articulation
  • Integrated design
  • Easily controlled from transmitter


Stay tuned for these arrivals and happy flying!

02 Apr

Metal Detecting

Interested in metal detecting as a hobby? I’ve got some great tips and info for you! Metal detecting is an easy and fun hobby and there are endless possibilities for locations to take your metal detector.  Parks, schools, fairgrounds, and sports fields are great places to look for possible “treasures” since they are high-activity areas.  The key is to think where items may have possibly been lost or left behind. In this case, looking under things such as picnic tables or bleachers would be a great place to start. Other great places to take your metal detector are places that are old and have a lot of history, just make sure that laws permit you to be on the property. Beaches can be a haven for jewelry and money since people are constantly visiting. The downside to beaches is that they are a very popular place to hunt.  Try to think outside the box and go after crowds have been there or after a storm.

It is important to be very patient when hunting with your metal detector. You are going to get a lot of targets and a lot of them won’t be long lost treasure.  Keep a positive attitude and enjoy the fun of the hunt. Also keep in mind that if you don’t know what something is, don’t dismiss it right away. Sometimes research is needed to find out if something is truly valuable or not.  An unfortunate part of metal detecting is that you will dig up trash, but why not clean up the land while you’re at it? Don’t rule out trash, because a lot of good targets can be found in it!

Lastly, you should make sure that you test your metal detector before you use it.  Try taking some coins or jewelry and bury them at various depths to make sure your detector picks up on it.  Play with the controls and see what works best for you. Happy hunting!

Check out the video below for more metal detecting basics and find all of your metal detecting needs here.

27 Mar

RC Car Basics

First Things First

There are many different kinds of R/C cars and trucks out there and first, I am going to break down the divisions.  The two major divisions are gas and electric. The gas cars run on nitro hobby fuel and reach high speeds. Electric cars are reliable, require less maintenance, and are a lot less noisy.  There are also different kinds of body types in the R/C world. Stadium trucks are rear-wheel-drive and are low to the ground, touring cars ride very low to the ground and can reach incredible speeds, and buggies, which are also extremely fast, but have more off road capabilities than touring cars and can take more of a beating.



RTR stands for Ready To Run or Ready To Race and this means that everything should be included in the purchase of the car. The only exception for this would be the fuel for nitro cars because the post office frowns upon flammable materials.  A kit requires assembly or does not include all of the parts needed to complete it.


Taking Care of Your Car

For Nitro cars, you should put after-run oil in the engine after every time you run it.  Nitro cars can also be tricky because you have to adjust your air/fuel mixture, which simply takes practice. Electric cars are pretty easy and self-explanatory; just make sure to charge your batteries and keep extras around.



19 Mar

Pinewood Derby Cars and Fun!

The first Pinewood Derby was held in 1953 and continues to be a great tradition to this day. If you or someone you know is preparing for this years derby, tell them to check out this cool info! Below is a link to an article that gives tips on how to build a fast Pinewood Derby car, and a fun video that shows the excitement around the tradition. Check out everything you need for the derby including decals, wood, wheels, kits, and more right here.

Article: http://boyslife.org/hobbies-projects/projects/2952/speed-secrets/


13 Mar

Miss Geico 17 by Pro Boat


Check out the Miss Geico 17 by Pro Boat!

  • Full RTR with battery & charger
  • Includes Dynamite® 2.0A peak charger and 6-cell 7.2V Ni-MH Speedpack™ battery with EC3™ connector
  • 2.4GHz radio system
  • Includes Dynamite® 380-size motor that provides high torque and surprisingly fast speeds
  • ABS hull provides superb rigidity and durability
  • Breakaway rudder system protects drivetrain in case model runs ashore

This boat is a lot of fun and is the perfect hobby for summer. Check it out right here on RC Slot

04 Mar

Some Useful Tips For All Your RC needs

I came across some interesting tips for all you RC plane lovers that seem very helpful. Enjoy!


1. Easy Transmitter Case

Most new RC transmitters are delivered in  a cardboard box with a foam-fitting insert. This foam insert can easily be transformed into a convenient case for it without spending the extra cash. Simply throw away the cardboard box and use the foam insert.  Take some duct tape and place it all the way across one end to form a hinge. Then using white glue, epoxy or foam-safe ca, fasten a length of hook and loop tape to the other end as a lock, as shown in the picture below. Voila!  Now you have a safe and easy case for your transmitter.

EZ Transmitter Case


2. Save That Paint

Now that your plane is complete, want to save the paint for future touch ups or an unexpected landing? Need to mix up that perfect batch  for your brush or next air brush job? The perfect way to store your paints is in those plastic prescription bottles with the child-proof lids.  They are airtight, small, and most are see-through. They’re also easy to label so you know which model you used them on.


3. Cooler Model Storage

This is a “cool” idea for easy transportation and storage of your models. Just buy a cheap, foam cooler and notch the sides to make way for the wings with the models positioned nose-down in the cooler. If you make the notches deep enough, the transmitter, extra batteries, or other accessories can conveniently fit at the bottom of the cooler.

25 Feb

The ParkZone Radian RTF Electric Plane

Behold! The ParkZone Radian RTF electric plane. This beaut comes equipped with 3-channel control and Spektrum 2.4GHz radio technology. The Radian can be flown without the worry or risk of interference. Although a powerful 480 brushless motor enables initial launch, the propeller soon folds back to reduce drag, freeing the plane to utilize thermals of air to remain aloft, instead of batteries. That means flight times for this quiet and eco-friendly alternative are much longer than they are with traditional electric aircraft, making a relaxing day in the great outdoors even better.

Like all of ParkZone’s innovative and high-quality aircraft, the Radian looks great right out of the box and provides pilots with the control and reliability they seek in a park flyer. The plane’s large 2-meter wingspan and elliptical dihedral design improve flight performance and visibility from the ground, while plug-in wings provide for easy transportation and storage.

Not only does the Radian’s lightweight Z-Foam™ construction offer the perfect balance of weight and durability, it also makes repairs simple and quick. Since everything needed to get the Radian airborne is included inside, you are only minutes away from the ultimate soaring adventure.

Check out the video below of the Radian in flight! Check out the Radian by clicking here.






19 Feb

How To Fly A Kite!

Spring is coming and it’s time to break out the kites! Flying kites can be challenging at first, but with a little bit of practice, it’s a lot of fun. Kites are awesome because it’s a great way to get outside and have fun with family,friends, or just yourself. Another great part is that you can fly them pretty much anywhere. Check out the video below on how to fly a kite and check all the kites we have to offer. You can even find the kite featured in this video right here on RCSLOT. Happy flying!




Find the kite featured at the beginning of the video by clicking on the link below!


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