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Archive for February, 2007

28 Feb

NEW! JR XP9303 Transmitters Without Modules

Those moving to Spektrum’s new DSM module will be happy to know there’s the perfect companion product in the JR line—the XP9303, now available in a transmitter-only version without module! With 9 channels, 30-model memory and 3-model-type software, the XP9303 has been widely hailed as the most sophisticated, most capable and easiest-to-use 9-channel system on [...]

28 Feb

Team Losi Sweeps The Dirt Challenge

It seems commonplace now; another race weekend, another Team Losi win. This time, Mike Truhe, Travis Amezcua, and Adam Drake dominated the 2007 Dirt Nitro Challenge. Amezcua captured the TQ position in the Truggy class with his Team Losi 8IGHT-T Race Roller, with Truhe qualified right behind. Truhe went on to TQ the buggy class [...]

26 Feb

LRP X-11 Brushless Motors and Speed Control Combos

LRP X-11 Brushless Motors LRP is proud to announce the next generation of brushless motors, the Vector X-11! The LRP Vector X-11 brushless motor has been developed in conjunction with LRPs Sphere and Sphere Competition brushed and brushless speed controls. The Vector X-11 delivers what racers all over the world have been waiting for – [...]

25 Feb

Traxxas Jato 3.3 Nitro 2WD Racing Truck

Traxxas Jato 3.3 Extreme Power, Brutally Fast, 65+ mph! Combine the extreme power of the TRX 3.3 Racing Engine™ with the incredible Traxxas Jato and the result is a power-packed combination that delivers top speeds over 65mph! 0 to 60mph flies by in just 4.2 seconds. Jato 3.3’s serious, two-speed muscle blows away typical purpose-built [...]

24 Feb

Hangar 9 – 27% Cap 232G

  Hangar 9 Introduces The New 27% Cap 232G Scale Aerobatic and Sport Scale enthusiasts everywhere are jumping with joy. The demise of the old Hangar 9 27% Cap 232 was not without protest from the many builders of the very nice “AlItalia” trimmed 27% Cap 232. That model was a favorite of people everywhere, [...]

24 Feb

Team Losi’s Monster – The Aftershock

    Team Losi has a proven track record of putting together top-quality RTRs with the right combination of durable chassis, industry-leading radio systems, and powerful, easy to tune engines. Taking what they have learned over their illustrious 25-year history, Team Losi once again raises the bar for performance, quality, and value but accomplishes these goals [...]

24 Feb

The PCM10X’s Magnesium Case

The PCM10X’s Magnesium Case Magnesium. The name by itself is somewhat exotic. But what does it have to do with making an RC transmitter better? Well, if you spend close to $1200 on your JR© radio control system, you certainly should not expect to get a plastic transmitter box. A competition-proven, pro-level radio demands that [...]

24 Feb

Team Losi’s Mini-Baja

Team Losi may not have been the first to the micro-party, but they have certainly raised the bar over the years to redefine what a mini-scale off-road vehicle could be. Starting with the Mini-T, progressing to the Mini-T Pro, and the Mini-LST Team Losi has a powerful legacy to build upon. This is where the [...]

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