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21 Sep

Chris Dadds Tri-Oval 1/24 Commercial Slot Car Track for Sale

RCSLOT’s Indy & Nascar Track is for sale on eBay: eBay Slot Track Listing

Chris Dadds Tri-Oval Style Commercial Slot Car Track.  The track is currently up and running in our shop - Milwaukee, WI.


RCSLOT Slot Car Track for Sale 1 24 1 32


90′ Daytona style Tri-Oval slot car race track. It is 1/24 scale, eight lanes, and super fast. Customers race both 1/24 scale and 1/32 scale cars on the Daytona. NASCAR or Stock Cars, Indy Cars, and truck-bodied cars can usually speed around the track with lap times of 1.8 - 2.5 seconds and faster at 32 mph, while flat-bodied cars and wing cars can zip at an amazing 40+ mph in as fast as 1.3 seconds - it’s really something to see.  To date, the speed and time record for this track is .98 seconds at 60+ mph as shown in one of the videos below.

The track is in great shape for being used over the past 10 years or so.  We have bi-weekly races on it and everything is in proper working condition.  Braid was replaced about 2 years ago and should be good for the next year or two.

Everything included with this track sale consists of:

  • Tri-Oval Daytona style layout with a footprint of approximately 34′ x 17′.  3′ area around the track should be provided to move and marshal.
  • 87′ is the exact length of the longest outside lane from start to finish.
  • 8 lanes with 8 control boxes for 8 racers at once.
  • 1/24 scale is the setup but we also race 1/32 scale on it.
  • Computer with SRT software.  This system is easy to use and fully functional for Time Seller, Practice Mode, Race Setup, Circuit or League Racing, and Recording of all results.
  • Printer is included that we received with the track, but we never hooked it up.  Should work fine and comes with a small box of paper.
  • One Monitor, Cables, and Splitter.  Just add another monitor and you will have two screens for whatever works best with your setup.
  • Industrial Battery, Smart Charger, and all relays, wiring, and needed power cables to run the track and connect them to the computer.

All that is needed to be off and running is cars and controllers.  We have plenty of parts, cars, controllers, and all the accessories you could need, so we can definitely put together a package deal.

The Buyer is fully responsible for payment in full within 7 days of the purchase.  The Buyer is responsible for all arrangements to disassemble and pickup the track from our shop since this is a Local Pickup offering only.  We will certainly help in arranging all details and disassembling of the track, but the Buyer is responsible for labor/people, trailer or truck for transport, and needed tools for disassembly.  When we purchased the track, a 24′ rental truck was used to bring it to our shop from Michigan.

Click here for the eBay Slot Track Listing

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