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05 Mar

Dumas Hawk 3.5 & Dumas Hawk 7.5 Hydroplane Nitro Boat


Dumas Hawk 3.5 R/C Nitro Boat 

How does 70 mph plus sound for an RC Nitro Boat? The Hawk Hydroplane was designed by champion racer Gary Preusse, and it will do just that, 70 mph plus. This remote control nitro boat is loaded with racer friendly features. Front sponsons are offset for better handling in turns. Rear sponsons are detachable for easy change for race tuning and to enhance course racing. For straight away racing, rear sponsons are removable. This extremely light boat comes in kit form and features birch plywood and foam construction. Running hardware is sold separately.

Length 33-1/2 inches
Beam 17-1/4 inches
3.5cc / .21 marine engine recommended


Dumas Hawk 7.5 R/C Nitro Boat

Possibly more speed than you can handle! Since 1994 the Hawk Hydroplanes have been the fastest outriggers on the market. Designer/racer Gary Preusse consistently has the 3.5 Hawk in the 70 plus mph range and the 7.5 Hawk in the 90 plus mph range. Totally made up of racer friendly features, the Hawk has detachable front sponsons which are removable with out taking off the booms. The booms are made of composite fiber for light weight strength, and the boom clamps and split collars are machined aluminum. If you are ready to try the next level in racing you’re ready for the Hawk.

Length 35 inches
Beam 20 inches
7.5cc / .46 marine engine recommended


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