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30 Apr

Evolution Engines

Newest line of Evolution Engines



The Evolution® 10GX small-block engine is revolutionizing RC aviation. Countless modelers have discovered the benefits 10cc gas power
offers in aircraft formerly dominated by .40-size glow power. Now there are equally phenomenal gas engine choices for airplane lovers
with models requiring a .61- to 1.80-class engine. Purpose built for RC, the new 15GX, 20GX and 33GX engines are designed to meet the
demands that matter most—performance and reliability. But the rewards don’t stop there.

• Low operational cost and simplicity
• Great power and performance for demanding RC pilots
• Lightweight electronic ignition provides superior reliability and the ability to use a 2S Li-Po battery without a regulator
• Standard beam mount installation makes conversion effortless
• Better fuel economy means a smaller fuel tank requirement and additional weight savings

From installation and setup to first-flip starting, using an Evolution small-block engine is easy. The only hard part is choosing which airplane
gets a new Evolution engine first. No matter what, you’ll see up to a 90% decrease in your cost per flight expenses, which makes Evolution
the clear choice for RC pilots who want to fly more with fewer hassles.


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