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10 Feb

New Evolution EVOE26GX Gas Engine for Big Airplanes

Evolution’s New Gas Engine for Big Airplanes

Gas pilots looking to power their 1.20 or 1.80 scale or sport airplane will find the new Evolution 26GX model EVOE26GX a tremendous success. The attractive new low-profile head design lets the 26GX squeeze into smaller cowls. Plus, the ignition system allows 2-cell Li-Po packs.

Evolution RC Gas Airplane Engine EVOE26GX Big PlanesQuick Feature Look:

  • New low-profile head design fits easily into small cowls
  • Canted spark plug allows for easy installation
  • Ignition system ready for 2-cell Li-Po packs

This purpose-built engine brings the clean and economical operation of gas to any 1.20 or 1.80 size sport or scale airplane. The Evolution 26GX is part of Evolution Engine’s outstanding line of gasoline powerplants. Every Evolution engine is purpose built for model airplanes. Superiority porting technology, ball-bearing supported crankshafts, Walbro carburetors, and modern electronic ignition systems are all hallmarks of this quality line.


Type: Two Stroke Gasoline Engine
Displacement: 1.55 cu. in. (25.5 cc)
Bore: 33.0 mm (1.30 in)
Stroke: 30.1 mm (1.17 in)
Cylinders: Single
Engine (Only) Weight: 936 grams (33.106 oz)
Crankshaft Threads: M10 x 1 mm
Benchmark Prop: 18×6 @ 8,700 rpm
Prop Range: 16×8 thru 18×8
RPM Range: 1,400 – 9,500 rpm
Fuel: oil w/gasoline mix 1:40
Mounting Dimensions: 146 x 70 x 99 mm
Muffler Type: Side mount EVO30943410
Cylinder Type: Ringed
Starting System: Electric Ignition EVO3314L (GT2 type Igniton ICU-L
Carb Type: Walbro EVO30943224

Visit the full line of Evolution Engine products available at RCSLOT.

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