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06 Mar

RC Nitro Boat Top Speed Record 124.3 mph!

On November 25th 2006 Chris Grim achieved an astounding speed of 124.3 mph with his Class C Hydro RC Boat. Chris used a Grim CMB engine, CA Aftershock Hull and an Octura prop. This record was set on the 1/16th Mile straight-a-way.

Octura props dominated nearly all of the top speeds along with Grim CMB engines. Along with these popular brands top performing hulls included: Prather, Newby, Aeromarine, A.C. Marine, Thomcat, Seaducer, CA Special, Bontoft, Lynx, BBY Racing, Mutt II, Velasco, Insane, Eagle SG, Styker Cat, Scratch and RC Boatworks. Top performing engines included: OS, OPS, Picco, CMB, Nova Rossi, MAC, Grim CMB, K&B, Zenoah, Stihl, Quickdraw, J&G, M&D and B&M CMB. 

NAMBA which stands for: North American Model Boat Association is an excellent resource for competitive remote control boat information, detail and history.


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