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07 Jun

Slot Car Racing at the RCSLOT Shop

At first, I thought the oval would be boring because you’re just spinning in circles, but when all the racers had to start following the rules and I experienced the high-speed action, boy did it get fun and competitive - fast.  Anyone with a Parma sealed Super 16D motor and 1/24 scale Stock or Indy car needs to check this place out.

Great group, lots of smack talking, and just plain fun. Tuesday’s are race nights.

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    bmackay Says:

    well i guess we now know who the cheater is know 6-12-07 big cheater grandma gordy keep buying cheaters from l.b.race way it wont help here so sorry rules are not made to be broken just bent had a whole lot of fun again 1st place indy car fastest lap agian would someone try to win a race it is getting kinda borring for me

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