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Drag Slot Car

If you are more than just passionate about slot racing, RCSLOT is the place for you. A global supplier of radio control and slot products, parts, accessories, and upgrades, we can offer you the drag slot car of your desires. The products we feature are known for their inherent quality, fascinating designs, and acute perfection.

Drag Slot Car

Our slot car product lines essentially consist of different kinds of slot cars such for 1/24 scale, 1/32 scale, drag scale, and HO scale. We also provide numerous racing items and accessories such as car sets, axles, bushings, gears, tires, bodies, braid, and cars.

Drag slot car racing involves two cars racing against each other over a set distance, usually 1/4 mile. Distances can generally vary from two hundred meters to one kilometer, however, the four-hundred meter drag race is probably the most popular – with all of these being scaled down to 1/24 the size of actual distances. The racing is performed on a long straight strip of track. The uniqueness of these drag racing vehicles lies in the fact that they are lighter and more powerful than their standard form street-style racing cars.

Interest in slot racing has substantially increased in the 21 st century. In drag slot car racing events, vehicles are categorized into various divisions on the basis of certain criteria that take the different kinds of modifications to the car into consideration. Although slot racing and modification is essentially a hobby, some have even turned it into a business. Professional racing is a highly expensive and lucrative ordeal, but can be very fun and exhilarating.

The major criteria determining the outcome and speed of your drag car are motor capacity, motor balancing and performance, frame style, vehicle construction materials, wheelbase, aerodynamics, controller used, and response timing at take-off.

If you are interested in buying new and highly advanced machines, reliable parts, or sophisticated accessories, then visit us today at www.rcslot.com and check out the wide range of products we have available. We offer you the option of placing your order online for the best and finest drag slot car of your choice. We also offer worldwide delivery with unmatched customer service and support.

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