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Art Activity Fabric Looms & Needlework Paint Pencil by Number
Rock Tumblers Woodburning

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List Price: $10.14
Your Price: $9.42
Tru-square Metal Products
Polish, 1/2lb.
List Price: $10.14
Your Price: $9.42
Tru-square Metal Products
Plastic Tumbling Beads
List Price: $6.20
Your Price: $5.77
Tru-square Metal Products
Belt For #100 (Thin)
List Price: $3.75
Your Price: $3.49
Tru-square Metal Products
Out of Stock
Belt For #102 & #115 & #140 (Thick)
List Price: $6.65
Your Price: $6.18
Tru-square Metal Products
Out of Stock
Crushed Polishing Rock, 1lb.
List Price: $5.10
Your Price: $4.74
Tru-square Metal Products
Out of Stock
Gem Mix, 1lb.
List Price: $10.69
Your Price: $9.94
Tru-square Metal Products
Brazil Agate, 1lb.
List Price: $10.06
Your Price: $9.36
Tru-square Metal Products
Brass Polishing Media,15oz, Reuse
List Price: $8.47
Your Price: $7.87
Tru-square Metal Products
R12 Lid
List Price: $5.22
Your Price: $4.85
Tru-square Metal Products
R3 Lid
List Price: $3.57
Your Price: $3.32
Tru-square Metal Products
R3 Retainer Ring
List Price: $4.27
Your Price: $3.97
Tru-square Metal Products
Graphite Transfer Paper, 12x24
List Price: $2.49
Your Price: $1.94
Cork Roll, 1/16" x 24" x 48"
List Price: $10.99
Your Price: $8.53
Midwest Products Co.
Assorted Cork Stoppers (12)
List Price: $3.99
Your Price: $3.10
Midwest Products Co.
Paper Bag Puppets
List Price: $12.00
Your Price: $9.30
Origami & Kirigami Kit
List Price: $20.00
Your Price: $15.50
Color and Cuddle Pony
List Price: $18.50
Your Price: $14.34
Out of Stock
R12 Retainer Clamp
List Price: $4.93
Your Price: $4.59
Tru-square Metal Products
Out of Stock
Sunburst Clock Face 4" Gold
List Price: $3.49
Your Price: $2.71

Art Activity
Explore our Art Activity category to find a variety of art related hobby items. Introduce art hobbies to your children for educational and fun learning activities. We have pottery wheels, hot stamps, leather branding and wood carving accessories, toys for girls and toys for boys, and toys for children and adults. In this category you will also find the popular Creative Toys products which include kits related to electronics, pottery, nail design, and much more.

Building Sets
Remember erector sets? Well things have changed a bit. In our Building Sets category we have some pretty wild products. The erector sets of today are extremely advanced including fully operational robots and vehicles of various shapes and sizes. We have the very popular Fischertechnik construction sets which feature functional electronics that create realistic models of industry robots, cranes, trucks, amusement park rides and more. We also carry Erector By Meccano sets which feature various functional vehicles including remote controlled cars and trucks. Teach your children valuable principles of mechanics and electronics with the products found here at RCSLOT. That engineer-to-be can not do without the essential building blocks of mechanical education. To make the learning experience fun is priceless, keep you children interested in learning and make it enjoyable too!

Fabric Looms Needlework
In our Fabric, Looms, and Needlework category, you will find high quality products for making your own scarves, sweaters, throws, and more. We have weaving tools and looms for creating timeless works of art and family keepsakes for many to enjoy. RCSLOT also has what you need for crocheting, knitting, cross stitching and felt work. Make gifts for friends and family, pass the time with needlepoint, take up knitting, or whatever it may be, we have it here.

Miscellaneous Activities
Our Miscellaneous Activity Hobbies category is just that, a few misc items. Here we have candle making kits. Specifically liquid candle making kits which allow you to make creative works of art. Check back often as this category will surely develop and contain new products as time goes on.

Paint/Pencil By Number
Create your own fabulous wall decor with Paint - Pencil By Number kits. We have a great selection of various styles to choose from. These projects will bring out the artist in you. Elegant, surreal landscapes and scenery will surely bring pleasure with creating the piece, and afterward viewing your creation.

Rock Tumblers
Explore the beauty of nature through earth science. Rock Tumblers transform plain rocks and minerals into beautiful polished creations. Agates and obsidians will amaze you when they have been tumbled to a perfect smooth sphere. Granites and marbles also look amazing when they have been polished to a perfect smoothness. Ordinary rocks can be turned into something spectacular and stones of average appearance become astonishing. RCSLOT carries the popular Tru-square Metal Products tumblers and accessories, including vibe tumblers, mailer tumblers, and basic rock tumblers. We also have rock tumbler kits and various grades of grit. Coarse grit is used to begin the process rounding the stone aggressively at first, then medium grits are used to start the fine polishing, and finally fine grit is used to bring out the extreme smoothness and shine.

Sun Catchers
Everyone enjoys the sun, and why not enjoy the sun with a beautiful Sun Catcher. These high quality sun catchers are sure to bring a smile to your face. Perfect for gift giving and very collectible. RCSLOT has a very nice selection of sun catchers and we add new products to this category from time to time, so check back often for new deals!

Woodburning Supplies
RCSLOT has what you need for Woodburning. We carry the popular Walnut Hollow woodburning tools and accessories. We have many pattern packets to choose from along with educational and informative books, point sets, woodburners and kits for beginners to pros. We also have deluxe kits and 3D woodburning kits for the above average woodburning enthusiast.

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