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Puzzle building has intrigued humans for many years, with jigsaw puzzles dating back to 1767. Stimulate your mind with brainteaser puzzles, or peacefully pass the time putting together a picture puzzle. RCSLOT has a wide variety of puzzles to choose from including children's puzzles, 1000 piece picture puzzles, 500 piece picture puzzles, shaped puzzles, and wooden puzzles. We have beautiful picture puzzles depicting wonders of nature, works of art, the history of air travel, and more. The more popular brands available include F.X. Schmid USA, Master Pieces, Buffalo Games, Minicraft, and Ravensburger. We also offer the popular 3D spherical globe puzzles, panoramic city photo puzzles, puzzle roll-ups, roll-o-puzzles, peel and stick puzzle preservers, puzzle glue, and the difficult to conquer Channel Craft puzzles which will challenge even the best problem solving minds. Share the gift of puzzle solving or just purchase a puzzle for some family fun. With over 500 puzzle products to choose from, you are sure to find what you're looking for here.

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