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RC Airplanes

Almost Ready to Fly (ARF)
Almost Ready to Fly (ARF)
Bind N Fly (BNF)
Bind N Fly (BNF)
Plug N Play (PNP)
Plug N Play (PNP)
Ready to Fly (RTF)
Ready to Fly (RTF)

RC Airplanes Eflite Yellow PlaneThere are so many exhilarating new ARF and RTF models available these days that an RC enthusiast will have their head explode trying figure out which one is going to be the best project for them. The below details are going to help find an airplane that is best for suited for different flying situations.

Most new models available are well designed, built with quality in mind, and attractive. They will provide great performance and help to build up skill levels while growing in this great hobby. Following are some factors needed to consider when picking out that next model to fly, as well as some helpful charts to help compare model features.

What kind of model is best?

There are many different models available, as well as new models constantly becoming available. Almost Ready-to-Fly ARF and Ready To Fly RTF models are available as trainers, sport, aerobatic, 3D and of course Scale models. The new airplanes give hobbyists the chance to show up at their flying field with models that other people have never seen or always wanted to build. It seems that any new RC airplane coming to the flying field catches everyone's attention and creates even more excitement.

  • The basic airplanes that appeal to a great majority of pilots are the advanced trainers or Sunday sport flying planes that are just fun-to-fly models. Generally, these don't require advanced skills to build or fly. 4-channel radios are all it takes to fly these airplanes, making them great choices for budget-minded beginners and pro's alike.
  • Then, there are more advanced Aerobatic, jet turbine powered, and high-powered 3D models for intermediate or advanced pilots, requiring more flying experience than typical sport-type models. These airplanes are a little more involved in terms of construction features and require radios with more programmable features. As a pilot's skills advance, they will find more interest in models of this type. They present the performance potential to challenge the pilot's abilities and improve their skills every time they go out to the flying field.
  • RC Airplanes HANGAR 9 P-47If the interests are along the lines of Scale or realistic-looking airplanes, such as a J-3 Cub or P-47 Warbird, nobody is alone because these are extremely popular. It seems everyone wants to build a model of a P-51 Mustang with retracts and flaps just like the real one has. It is true, these models may require more building skills, but they offer the modeler a chance to add realistic details such as retractable landing gear or cockpit interior features. This really adds up to fun when flying the model in front of a crowd.

Where can the plane be flown?

Having a wide-open area to fly that fresh built model can become something of a major consideration. Will the new model be flown at a local park or is access available to a larger field where just about any kind of model can fly? RC flying clubs offer controlled flying sites with open areas that support larger or faster models. Parks might be large enough for some models but will require electric power to keep the sound level reasonable for the neighbors. The field available will probably define the kind of model to build and fly. If in the Milwaukee, WI area, stop by RCSLOT and the Milwaukee County RC Park - RAMS RC Airplane Flying Field located at 7200 W Oakwood Road, Franklin, WI 53132

  • Larger airplanes with engine power will usually require a larger flying field. This is pretty straight forward, but it is surprising to find how much of an area RC planes can cover when they are flying. The important thing is to be sure that if the engine or battery should die, there will be a good place to land the model when it is too far from the runway. The local RC club will have a good site and offer the chance to talk "airplanes" with many other people of the same "level".
  • Smaller electric models easily fit smaller flying sites and give the pilot a chance to fly airplanes without having to travel considerable distances to a flying field. Most of these airplanes fly great and are easy to keep in the near vicinity while in the air. Most people have both kinds of models so that they can fly in the park or club field whenever the opportunity comes up. This is a good reason to buy a smaller airplane even if the interest is mainly into building larger models. Besides, airplane enthusiasts like all airplanes, no matter what size they are.

Interested in Sport Flying? Checkout some of these Sport Planes.

Here's a few more RC Airplane pages:HANGAR 9 P-51D Mustang 150 ARF

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