BLMA MODELS HO Searchlight 2-Head Signal/Ladder/Base, Lighted
BLMA MODELS HO Searchlight 2-Head Signal/Ladder/Base, Lighted
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Manufacturer: BLMA MODELS


  • Fully assembled and ready for your layout
  • Two operating signal heads
  • Detailed brass & plastic construction

Searchlight signals have long been an icon of American railroading. For over a century, searchlights have governed miles upon miles of rail lines all over the US. Arguably the most famous signal design - the Union Switch and Signal H-2 - has served class 1 railroads in all corners of the country, and continues to do so today.

The prototype for this specific signal is located on the Union Pacific's LA&SL Route that travels between Los Angeles and Salt Lake City, among other points. This signal is in use today at the East end of Afton Canyon at a location known as Basin, where it governs entrance into a siding and the block ahead.

With the introduction of their popular modern signal line, BLMA went back to the drawing boards to produce the finest searchlight offered in N Scale. Their all new H2 Searchlights feature a tri-color, micro-LED - yielding true and vibrant Red, Yellow, and Green aspects. 

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