Rapido Trains Inc. N 10-5 Sleeper, SP #9203
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Manufacturer: Rapido Trains Inc.


  • Super-detailed underbody
  • Body-mounted Micro-Trains© couplers
  • Fixed steps or partial skirts, as appropriate
  • All air, steam and electrical lines represented
  • Insulated 36 in metal wheelsets (no pizza cutters!)
  • Battery-powered interior lighting
  • Flush windows with painted gaskets and shades
  • Full interior detail including armrests and headrests
  • Diaphragms with etched brass end gates
  • Painted metal roof grab irons applied at the factory
  • Multiple car names and/or numbers per paint scheme
  • Will operate smoothly on curves down to 9-3/4 in radius
  • Super-detailled 41-N-11 or 41-BNO-11 trucks as appropriate

Pullman-Standard had a bright idea - passengers in double bedrooms pay a higher fare than roomette passengers, so why not put the bedrooms in the middle of the car so that those passengers get the smoothest ride? Thus was born the 10-5 sleeper.

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