Woodland Scenics N Scenic Ridge Layout Kit
Woodland Scenics N Scenic Ridge Layout Kit
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Manufacturer: Woodland Scenics

Construction Overview:

  • Install risers and inclines on track plan that is pre-printed on base.
  • Cut profile contours with a hot wire foam cutter or foam knife.
  • Use newspaper wads to form terrain contours and cover with wet plaster cloth to form a hard shell
  • Install and color rocks and tunnel portals. Paint terrain base and add roads using the road system.
  • Landscape with ground covers and trees. Paint the layout profile and add finishing details if desired.
  • Add your own track, trains and buildings.


  • 3' x 6' N scale layout in a box
  • Includes SubTerrain, terrain and landscape products
  • No power tools required
  • No complicated calculations
  • Includes tack plans and illustrated instructions

This N scale layout includes all the material needed to build a 3 x 6 -foot layout. It requires no expensive power tools and there are no complcated calculations. This is a stand alone layout but, can be customized to fit a larger layout. This kit includes track plans and illustrated instructions.

Scenic Ridge is a complete, state-of-the-art, 3 x 6 - foot N scale Lightweight Layout Kit. Weighs less than 25 lbs. when completed! When completed, our layout kits are so lightweight and sturdy that you don’t need plywood or any other structure underneath to support them, but they can be set on our Corner Module Kit Stands. Because they are so lightweight (lighter than the box they come in), they easily can be moved anywhere.

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