Hangar 9 UltraCote ParkLite - Blue
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Manufacturer: Hangar 9

Hangar 9 is bringing its UltraCote® line of covering to indoor and outdoor electric lightweight aircraft with ParkLite®. UltraCote has proven itself to be the premier brand within the industry and the preferred choice for modelers looking to complete their balsa aircraft projects. At 13 microns thick, ParkLite is the perfect solution for lightweight aircraft and will be available in 16 popular UltraCote colors.

Weight: 1.07 ounces per square yard (36 grams per square meter)


Length:78 in (2m)
Width:23.5 in (600mm)
Weight:1.07 ounces per square yard (36 grams per square meter)

Technical Notes

Application Temperatures

Adhesive activation

At 200 degrees F the adhesive on ParkLite becomes active, allowing the covering to be attached to the model. While 200 degrees F will fully bond the to the model, it is well below the temperature that causes ParkLite to shrink. This is exactly what's needed when first attaching covering to the model to prevent the covering from distorting.

Shrink Onset temperature - 280 degrees F

At 280 degree F ParkLite begins to shrink. This is called the shrink onset point. After the covering is attached using an iron set to 200 degrees F, the next step is to shrink the covering. This initial shrinking is done with the iron set at 280 degrees F.

Maximum Shrinkage Temperature - 350 degrees F

At 350 degrees F, ParkLite reaches it's maximum shrinking point. Raising the temperature above this will not cause it to shrink more.

This covering is not suitable for foam models because of the high shrinkage temperature.

Please read the instructions included with each roll of ParkLite for the complete application instructions and pro-user tips.

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