JConcepts, Inc. Fin, 12mm Shock Collar, Blue (2) :B5M,T5M,SC5M,B6
JConcepts, Inc. Fin, 12mm Shock Collar, Blue (2) :B5M,T5M,SC5M,B6
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Manufacturer: JConcepts, Inc.


  • JConcepts design and function
  • Aluminum, light-weight / durable construction
  • Knurled portion for increased grip
  • Available in blue anodized color
  • Etched logos for identification
  • Aesthetic shock jewelry

Adding to shock luster and performance, the JConcepts shock collar has a knurled exterior for extra grip and making quick adjustments. A notch has been added for location and identifying a track-side ride height change. The precise collar accepts the same inner o-ring as the kit standard and with a tiny drop of oil on the o-ring and is easily adjustable from any position. These nifty parts are available in blue or black anodizing and include the etched JC logo for identification.

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