Dynamite SPEEDTREADS Devices 1/8TH MT TIRES MNTD (2)
Dynamite SPEEDTREADS Devices 1/8TH MT TIRES MNTD (2)
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Manufacturer: Dynamite

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  • Includes high-performance "low rebound" foam inserts (mounted and tires only)
  • White sidewall lettering for easy identification and great looks (excluding on-road 1/8-scale tires)
  • Includes 20mm Hex drive*
  • Direct fit for Losi® LST series vehicles
  • Diameter/Height: 6.49 in (165 mm)
  • Width: 3.64 in (92.5 mm)

The Dynamite® SpeedTreads™ tire line offers tire, wheel and mounted tire solutions for a variety of vehicle platforms and surface types. All SpeedTreads products will give you optimal performance on most surface conditions. You can purchase SpeedTreads tires and wheels individually or mounted. It's never been easier to select the correct tire and wheel combination for your specific vehicle and handling needs.

*Requires DYNW0050 hex adapter set for Traxxas and HPI vehicles.

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