Calandra Racing Concepts (CRC) 1/12 Rear CRC Blu Tire Mnt CRC Flex Wheel
Calandra Racing Concepts (CRC) 1/12 Rear CRC Blu Tire Mnt CRC Flex Wheel
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Manufacturer: Calandra Racing Concepts (CRC)

For many years, 1:12th scale has had basically the same 2 compounds of foam rubber in Japan. However, last year, a new foam compound entered the battle arena and we are calling the newest carpet compound Blu and Greene. This is not the older American foam that was labeled Blue and Green, this is a new Japanese compound that we have "borrowed" old nomenclature and call this new product, Blu and Greene. This new foam has high grip, long wear but differs slightly from the Pink/Magenta/Purple and the Black/Grey/Yellow/White family that we have used for years. Last summer at the 2012 World Championships in Holland, CRC drivers Andy Moore, Marc Rheinard, Simo Ahoneimi and Elliot Harper were all in the A-final with CRC cars and tires. In fact, Andy Moore won A2 and had the fastest lap and the fastest 8 minute run at the World Championships. At that event, in our arsenal of tires, we had the new compounds, trued up and ready to run. While many of the other tire companies only learned about these tires at the event, scrambling to mount and true donuts, the CRC team was sitting back with the new Blu's and Greenes all trued up and ready to rumble.

After a full season of testing, we are now releasing what we feel are the best 2 additions to the foam tire line. Rear Greene (soft) and Blu (medium).

CRC Flex HR38 rim- With the release of our HR-38 rim in 2006, all 1:12th rim producers were forced to re-tool and make new designs. With a number of different manufactures rims coming and going over the years, the High Roller 38 mm rim still is the best rim on the market. World Championships, ROAR Nationals Championships, Asian FEMCA Championships and European EFRA Championships; all on the HR38 rim. Now, we have made it better by changing to a more flexible material. Same great design, same mold, new high-tech material to make a more durable, more flexible rim that produces more grip. The nylon material is very durable allowing the weekly club racer to have many "board meetings" with little to no damage to the rim. This same material produces more grip allowing the seasoned professional racer to win more races and championships. Get a pair of CRC Pro Cuts on your 1:12th car and feel the difference! The Flex rim is a running change therefore no new part numbers nor different pricing!

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