Saito Engines FG-21(1.26) 4-Stroke Gas Engine: BN
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  • Gasoline engine lowers operating costs as much as 90%
  • Latest carb technology makes for easier tuning and operating
  • 21cc displacement in a 17cc case
  • New valve seat design
  • Smaller magnetic ignition system fits into tighter cowl installations
  • Horizon Hobby recommends the use of Red Line or Power Model synthetic oil only, at a mix ratio of 16:1 – 20:1

There are a lot of advantages to going with gas, like cleaner operation and cheaper fuel. But Saito™ 4-stroke gas engines give modelers more, namely some of the most impressive power-to-weight ratios in their class. The new FG-21 engine is no exception. Based on the groundbreaking Saito FG-20 engine, it packs 21cc of power into a 17cc case. Accompanying the extra displacement is the latest carb technology, updated exhaust valve seats and, of course, the sweet 4-stroke sound Saito engines are famous for.


Displacement:1.25 cu in (20.91cc)
Bore:1.26 in (32.0mm)
Stroke:1.02 in (26.0mm)
Total Weight:31.2 oz (0.89 kg)
Engine (Only) Weight:24.1 oz (0.69 kg)
Muffler Weight:2.9 oz (83 g)
Crankshaft Threads:M8 x 1.25mm
Benchmark Prop:APC 16 x 6 @ 8800 rpm
Prop Range:15 x 8 to 16 x 8 2-blade; 14 x 9 to 15 x 7 3-blade
RPM Range:2000–9500
Fuel:20:1 gas-to-oil ratio; EVOX1001Q synthetic oil recommended
Muffler Type:Cast screw-on
Cylinder Type:AAC
Carb Type:2-needle Saito™ pumped carb

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