Zenoah G38 Engine (2.3 cu in)
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Manufacturer: Zenoah

The G-38 is the ideal gas engine when sport performance is desired!


  • Magneto-driven CDI ignition system
  • One-piece chromed cylinder
  • Ball bearing-supported crankshaft

The G-38 is the ideal gas engine for models such as the Midwest Extra 300S, Cap 232 and Super Stinker, as well as the Lanier Cap 232 and Stinger 120, where sport performance is desired. It is also a popular choice for many scale projects. It will turn an 18 x 10 prop at 7100 to 7400 rpm.


Displacement:2.30 cu in (38.0 cc)
Bore:1.50 in (38.0 mm)
Stroke:1.30 in (33.0 mm)
Cylinders:Single - Chrome Plated
Total Weight:71 oz
Engine (Only) Weight:67 oz
Muffler Weight:4 oz
Crankshaft Threads:M8 x 1.25mm
Benchmark Prop:18 x 10 APC @ 7,300
Prop Range:16 x 8 - 18 x 6
RPM Range:2,100 - 9,500
Fuel:Gas/Oil Mix
Mounting Dimensions:108 x 135 x 194 mm
Muffler Type:Can
Cylinder Type:Ring
Carb Type:Walbro WT-338
Crank Type:Ball Bearing


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