Quest Aerospace High-Q Mid-Power Rocket Kit
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Manufacturer: Quest Aerospace


  • Blowmolded plastic nose cone
  • Laser-cut balsa fins
  • Rugged 29mm diameter motor mount
  • Mas Altitude 3000ft / 914m

High-Q is a great looking and performing mid-size rocket. Over 30 inches tall, the kit features blowmolded plastic nose cone, laser-cut balsa fins and a rugged 29mm diameter motor mount. Flights with an Aerotech F32-6W will go to almost 3,000 feet. Then your High-Q will recover gently on the big 18" fabric parachute. Includes big, easy-to-apply self adhesive decals. Also includes 24mm engine mount adapter that allows you to use 24mm diameter engines.

Recommended Motors: D12-3, D12-5, E9-4, E9-6 - Aerotech E20-4W, E20-7W, F32-6W, F20-7W.

Weight: 30 OZ
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Skill Level: Three
Recovery: 18" Fabric Parachute
Fin Type: Balsa
Length: 30.5in / 77.5cm
Diameter: 1.97in / 50mm
Engines (Motors): D12-3,5 E9-4,6 E20-4W,7W F32-6W F20-7W
Altitude (Estimated Max): 3000ft / 914m

Technical Notes

Skill Level Three
Length: 31"
Diam: 1.92"
Weight: 5 oz
Fins: Laser-cut Balsa
Recovery: 18" Fabric Parachute

Engines: D12-3, D12-5, E9-4, E9-6
Aerotech: E20-4W, E20-7W, F32-6W, F20-7W

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